The 2nd K(C)amerman(s) family get-together






Kamerman(s) get-together September 2012


Get some Kamerman(s) together in a picturesque landscape, give them good food en drinks and it will become a good time.


So it was on  the weekend at Woudrichem on September 2012, where some family  members met in a relaxed sphere.


Without any program but with a lot of interest for each other, it became a successful event. More, as it was only a small group of participants, there was enough time for talking and exchanging about each others life and families, so that everybody went very satisfied back home.


For the organization-team this was a plaster to the disappointing when the official get-together had to be cancelled due to the small amount of registered  participants.


Next to the visit of the surrounding, it was a new experience for everybody that Woudrichem  offers also a high level in the culinary area. The dinner taken  together in the top of the "Gevangenenpoort" ("Prisoners tower") was a good and tasty ending of the Saturday evening.


For those, who met the first time, the intimacy of the small group  was a good possibility to know better each other.


Just this informal sphere made the meeting a success. The participants found, that it was a valuable weekend.


If you are interested in a presentation, that Han Kamermans prepared for the family get-together, you can find it here:


" M A R I T I E M E   C G E N E R A T I E S "







De "Gevangenenpoort"








Air vieuw on castle Loevestein






A first lunch in the garden at the hotel


The hotel, a historical  post-office


The Kamerman(s) who met


Visit to castle Loevestein


A good exchange about the family-facts