Family get-together on September 12, 2010 at Vlissingen

"K(C)amerman(s), the sea and Zeeland (NL)"



Summarized minutes of the meeting:

   Thanks to the good weather, after the official program,  the participants could sit together outside and talk to each other in a good ambiance.  Enjoying a good drink the conversations lasted long on the terrace of the Brasserie "De gecroonde liefde" on the waterside of the old fisher-harbor, now the marina from Vlissingen.

   This meeting brought together members from different branches of the family. Besides the descendants from Theunis Kamermans and Cornelia Baggerman also were present descendants from a branch who settled already in the first half of the 17th century in the "Land of Heusden en Altena". They are descendants from Joost Camerman, a brother of Ariën Camerman, a forefather from our Theunis Kamermans. This branch wrote consequently their surname without an 's' and was represented by Pieter Kamerman from Canada and his sister and brother living in The Netherlands.

   The program consisted in a very good tasting "Zeeuwse Koffietafel", 2 presentations, a break and enough time for "socializing".

   The first presentation showed the origin and the interpretation of the name. The etymological explanation was very detailed. For this you can also look at

   The second presentation was about the relation of this family during centenaries to the water, the large rivers and the sea. These had a large impact on the way of live from a lot of members of the family. Especially the profession as pilot had an important role in the 19th century in the lives of the "Kamermans" living in Zeeland. It is to mention here Izaak Kamermans, who was rescuer worthy for high merits and a honorable place.


Decisions and how further:

    - The place was rated high by the participants.

    - The program was rated high and there was enough time for socializing and personal contacts.

    - There was shown high interest in follow up meetings.

    - The frequency of further meetings was decided on each 2 or 3 years.

    - The program could also include brief presentations from members from the different branches.

    - The Team-Kamermans will contact representatives of the branches in time when preparing the next meeting.

    - The website will continue being a platform for communication and information by the members of the K(C)amerman(s) family.

    - The Team-Kamermans will contact people and motivate them to send pictures, anecdotes, news, etc to load up on the website by Rosemarie Kamermans.

    - Linda Waye-Kamermans will be the main contact to the Canadian family members. We nominated her to member of the Team-Kamermans.

    - Other proposals, as for example to implement a forum-page on our site for more interactive communication, will be analyzed.

    - The privacy of the data of the members when using the website will be protected as good as possible against misuse.


Further more we want to ask all the participants to bring over their enthusiasm about the meeting to all their next family-members.

The Team-Kamermans invites all to collect additional or correctional data about their families and descendants and to send all to the Webmaster Rosemarie Kamermans

( or via the contact form on the website.


The Team-Kamermans,

- Rosemarie Kamermans, Kloten (CH)

- Linda Waye-Kamermans, Miramichi (CAN)

- Age Kamermans, Zevenaar (NL)

- Han Kamermans, Herwen (NL)

- Rob Kamermans, Coe Hill (CAN)



Foto: R.Luebkert



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- The agenda

- Presentation 1 - "Etymology of the name(s) K(C)amerman(n)(s) during some centennials"

- Presentation 2 - "Relation of these families to the sea and to Zeeland(NL)"

- The participants


Here you find a document related to the reunion of the Canadian family-branch on august 1 - 3, 2008 at Miramichi (NB)


- Miramichi 2008


(This document is quite large and takes some time to open it. You can also download it)